Main Products

Wearing mask and large-angle face recognition

3D Face Analysis

3D face deformation

Virtual try-on

Obtain high-precision 3D face images and models through our technical services

1. Use 3D Scanning Lens Equipment


Equipment with its own 3D camera, Such as Apple iPhone X / I Pad pro and above


Integrated INTEL 3D camera Android all-in-one machine for D415


Integrated with 3 cameras Windows all-in-one

2. Quickly generate 3D models from 2D photos directly through cloud services

Convert a 2D photo into a 3D face model.
Convert three photos with different angles from left, middle and right into one high-precision 3D face models.

Capture customer needs accurately, intelligently and efficiently manage transformation

Our technology can provide 3D data quality enhancement, simulation, comparison recognition, image encryption and compression. Allowing you to capture customer needs and easily upgrade the high-performance management platform through artificial intelligence.
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