Our intelligent team focuses on the development and application of face recognition technology. Our wide-angle and mask-wearing face recognition technology leads the world, and is committed to create a new generation of 3D face hardware and software technology development.
Our solid technical foundation and rich industrial application experience can help companies fast develop various products that meet highest standard needs. We had helped police units, public security, duty check-in, medical beauty, 3D fashion wear, 3D printing, VR/AR, 3D numerology and other industries to produce a variety of application solutions, which are widely recognized by users.
We sincerely welcome various cooperation proposals and hope to create a new era of 3D face applications with you.

Our Team

Alex Chuang


Proficient in Python and C#, he has been involved in the fields of 3D, AI, IoT and image recognition for nearly nine years. He used to be the general manager of S Square System, the associate manager of Yuli Microelectronics, the special assistant of Jinhao Industrial General Manager, and the chairman of the Information Leisure Business Association, etc., he has strong acuities of both cutting-edge technology and commercial application market.

Dr. Edmund Sun

| Team Adviser

World-renowned experts in the field of 3D intelligent vision and successful serial entrepreneurs who founded Weitek, C-Cube and DVS and other well-known Silicon Valley high-tech companies.

Celina Lin

| APP Designer & Marketing Manager

Possesses marketing and online self-media operation capabilities, once served as the manager of HSBC Bank, nowAPPdesigner,UX/UIdesigners, well-known online bloggers and professional models are responsible for various design and marketing media public relations windows.

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