3D high-resolution Face Scanning Function
Turn mobile phones and tablets into 3D smart scanners,
Obtain high-precision 3D face images quickly and easily

3D high-precision cloud service description of face models

Three ways to obtain high-precision 3D face, you can have professional-grade 3D portrait effect with your own divices.

Through the easy-to-use fine 3D face modeling on the mobile terminal and the AI+-based 3D intelligent pixel enhancement engine technology, you can have professional-level 3D imaging effects with your own devices.

With 3 of the front and the left and right sides of the facial images, you can generate a 3D avatar with a similarity of 95% through AI in-depth learning of nearly a million 3D faces with different expressions.

With a 2D front avatar, you can easily generate a high-precision 3D avatar.

3D iOS FaceApp

FaceApp has been successfully applied in the medical beauty industry and plastic surgery simulation


3D Face Analysis

Complete facial feature point data, Easily judge facial defects,
Make a detailed analysis report for each face shape.


3D face deformation

AI deep learning beautiful face model, perform digital matching,
Adjust the result to look more natural.


3D face simulation synthesis

Simulate and synthesize the user's profile with the selected model,
then generate a reference new profile.

Application context

The 3D face SDK provides customized services for customers in the medical beauty industry.
With the online AI consultant function, the service is more accurate and efficient.

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